The top 10 cheapest methods to firm up the vaginal area by natural means with out having having an operation

It is on the subject of the theme 10 Ideas to tighten up its "woman anatomy". I really believe that
half-word, we understand each other.

After a few deliveries, or a long housewife's life, you don't feel
more like the first day, you have the impression to be, let's say it, wider than ever.

Or again, the sensation is had by you to getting too wet through the act, etc. Your partner
you reproach him, or actually, he will not dare to accomplish it, but you believe that it is no longer
like before.

I believe that after scanning this, you will be in a position to take things at hand, and the
degree of excitement higher than you will feel and especially that may feel sir will be
your greatest reward.

And you gentlemen, you can follow read this if you felt any
relaxation in your darling and that, you wish to help him tighten his muscles
vaginal sex for a far more fulfilling sex life.

1st tip

Make an intimate toilet with lemon and water or just with lemon. It's a
ideas of African memes. The astringent virtues of lemon will help you find
a transient virginity (it lasts a few hours).


Always with lemon and very effective, it seems. Just squeeze a lemon on cotton and
introduce it in the personal privacy and remove it 2 minutes later. It is the same, the effect only lasts

3rd tip

Try an intimate toilet with drinking water and green clay (1 liter of tepid to warm water + 3 spoonfuls
of green clay). Remember to rinse well with clear water.


Spend cold water on your intimacy prior to the fateful moment. For more
of intensity, you can suggest to your baby of like to use ice during a
good cunnilingus. Guaranteed feeling!


Become acquainted with the quit pee method. Become if you were blocking your
urine, and release it all. This exercise is performed everywhere without necessarily having a desire to urinate (at
office, cafe, chatting etc ... and even through the intimacy to get more info supply pleasure
to your partner). The target is to tone up your love muscles.


Interrupt your sex for at least a month. It's tough but we can
to please without penetration. You can set up a game to languish your actually
lover. Go to the discovery of your sensitive areas, go to court, break the routine,
etc. At the resumption of your sexuality, you will see a notable difference in your intimate paradise.

7th tip

You may also cheat by proposing to your blanket positions where your legs
will be the least separated possible. For instance, placed on your stomach, or on the relative aspect the
tight legs, etc.

8th tip

Finally, usually do not hesitate to speak to your sexologist or gynecologist. It must be known that
there are surgical solutions if this is a health problem and that really
problem complicates your daily life. But these vaginal solutions are to take with

tip #9

In order to avoid: Products like White Rock, tobacco, rock salt,
honey or ginger?

"Alum rock or" white stone "is an antiperspirant commonly used in the
manufacture of beauty products. This mineral comes in the form of a originally

hard clump, whose color may be whitish or translucent like water, hence
his name.

It is then reduced to little pieces. It dries the vagina and shrinks its internal wall,
It is utilized for intimate hygiene by some African women who, for reasons
cultural or religious, have to make believe that they are virgins.

But this kind of artificial virginity is only an ephemeral feeling. To find
the same sensations, the product must be reused before each sexual intercourse, even if these
reports happen the same day.


The use of Alum stone to shrink the vagina can result in serious danger. But
the usage of tobacco leaves also, salt or actually honey is highly discouraged.

The consequences can be serious. I have seen cases of ladies who completely have already been
torn after sex. Rifts dramatically increase risk
retransmission or attacks of the HIV virus and other sexual illnesses.

Moreover, these mixtures for the most part are corrosive. During delivery, the uterus that has
suffered the aggression of the traditional products loses the flexibility, imposes caesarean section
the woman (now a victim of vaginal fibrosis) for the release of the child.

By the way the white stone, since it is caustic causes burns in the vagina
so that during sex very painful now, the woman bleeding

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